Career Fair (floor space)*


Category 1

from 9m² to 20m² (CHF 250/m²)

Category 2

from 21m² to 30m² (CHF 230/m²)

Category 3

from 31m² (CHF 210/m²)


Our offer for SMEs (up to 100 employees) as well as NGOs and Start-ups: 

  • Eco 4; 4m² floor space; ready for use (CHF 1'900)

Within the detailed booking of your booth, you can book corner stands with a surcharge of at least CHF 400 or 10% of the whole floor space. This way you can attract more attention from the students.


Company Dinner

CHF 700 (Access to applicant management excluding restaurant reservation and dinner expenses)

Company Insight

CHF 1'800 (max. 45 min, followed by a drinks reception)

Company Profile

CHF 850 (two coloured DIN A5 pages)

Confect & Connect

CHF 1'950 (3.5 h)

Esccape Room

CHF 1'950 (90 min)


CHF 950 (half day)
CHF 1'500 (whole day)

Mix, Shake, Associate

CHF 1'950 (2.5 h)


CHF 1'700 (half day incl. drinks reception)
CHF 2'500 (whole day incl. drinks reception)

Package 1

CHF 2'500 (half day interview & half day workshop)

Package 2

CHF 3'200 (half day workshop & company insight)

Breakout Room

CHF 150 (per room & module)