• HSG TALENTS Conference
    Opening Panel

    Opening Panel

    Wednesday, 26.02.2020

The Opening Panel

The Opening Panel took place on Tuesday 26 February 2019 in room 01-013 on the campus of the University of St. Gallen.

The Topic: The Value of Connections

At the opening panel, the influence of connections in the working world will be discussed from different industry perspectives. The focus is on the following question: What is the significance of “connections” in today's world of work? The term "connections" is often associated with negative connotations, but connecting people is essential not only in social life, but also in professional life. The proverb "All beginnings are hard" is quite accurate, so we would like to give you an insight into the experiences of network specialists at the opening panel of this year's conference. This will encourage you at the following conference and give you tips on how to pull the strings of your network. While Viktor Giacobbo can present the whole picture from the perspective of an artist and a board member, Monique Bourquin as HSG alumna and board member of various large companies will be able to identify better with your position. Network expert Alexander Wolf will also contribute his professional opinion from a theoretical and practical point of view. The panel will be moderated by Miriam Rickli, one of the most successful Swiss TV and event presenters.

Viktor Giacobbo

Monique Bourquin

Alexander Wolf

Miriam Rickli