• HSG TALENTS Conference
    Opening Panel
    Wednesday, 26.02.2020

The Opening Panel

The Opening Panel took place on Wednesday 26 February 2020 in room 01-012 at 18:15 on the campus of the University of St. Gallen. Language: German

The Topic: The robots are coming – will human labour still exist in the future world of work?

The future is digital and automated. Robots and complex algorithms are increasingly taking on tasks that would have been unthinkable some time ago. Everybody is talking about driverless cars, but technology is also increasingly penetrating other sensitive areas such as the legal system, asset management and the police. But will human labour still exist in the future world of work? If so, what are the worker’s tasks? And who is to be held responsible for potentially fatal machine failures? We wanted to get to the bottom of these exciting questions at the opening panel of the HSG TALENTS Conference 2020.



Paul Rechsteiner

As a newly re-elected “Ständerat” for the canton of St. Gallen (SP), Paul Rechsteiner is visiting the HSG to provide thematic insights into his long and rich political experience. As a politician he represents the values “Good salaries, good pensions, human rights!”. How this is compatible with the digitalisation will surely lead to an interesting panel discussion.

Additionally, to his role as a politician, he held the position as the leader of the Swiss workers union, which is the biggest of its kind, for 20 years.

Paul Rechsteiner is, like many of his fellow politicians, also working in the private sector. He’s a lawyer at a law office in St. Gallen, in which he specialises in labour law and criminal law.

Anne Scherer

Anne Scherer is an assistant professor for quantitative marketing at the University of Zurich. In her research activities, she likes to focus on human interactions: she researches the psychological, behavioural and societal consequences which are evolving due to digitalisation, automatization and dehumanisation and which change human interactions profoundly.

She’s also advisory board member at HelloNina, a company, which aims to help people wanting to create their own business. And her further activities are aimed at supporting people as well: As a project leader in digitalisation and digital transformation at epiphany AG, Anne Scherer is responsible that companies can draw the maximum out of the new digital possibilities of the data century.

Rolf Imoberdorf

From the Swiss military Rolf Imoberdorf is coming to speak at the Opening Panel. The professional officer is “Oberstleutnant im Generalstab” and holds important functions in the Swiss Army. He’s assigned officer of the chief commando operations. Being that, he’s confronted daily with the challenge “digitalisation” which the Swiss Army is facing. This role leads to him being involved in exciting new developments, one of which being the possibility of an increasing use of drones for military purposes.

Rolf Imoberdorf furthermore is commander of the air transport commando 1 and is also responsible for the training of future military personnel as an assessor at the assessment centre for future professional officers.

Janick Mischler

Janick Mischler, an HSG alumni, is currently working for the Swiss Post as leader of autonomous delivery, IoT & Blockchain. Autonomous delivery means the automatization of delivery – be it through drones, delivery robots or autonomous vehicles. IoT stands for Internet of Things, which he always keeps in mind while developing new business models. And he’s last but not least responsible for keeping the Swiss Post up to date regarding the topic Blockchain.

He’s also founder and CEO of deinlohn.ch, a platform which promotes salary transparency. And that’s not all: Janick Mischler also wrote the bestseller “The Strange Universe: Einstein, Quantum Physics and the Theory of Everything”, in which the secrets of modern physics are displayed entertainingly and comprehensibly.



Tanya König

The panel moderation will be done by Tanya König, who has created an excellent reputation for herself through her engagement in many tv programmes and events. She mainly works for CNN Money Switzerland as a host, producer and reporter. Through her likeable charisma and her competent moderations, she’s being engaged for the most diverse events, be it from companies, at the Zurich Film Festival or at TEDx-events.